Paradise Less Traveled, part 3

El Nido Resorts also operates two beach clubs in Pangulasian and Entalula Islands. The beach clubs serve lunch and are usually the jump-off point for the afternoon activities. Pangulasian Island has the wider and longer beach, with snorkelling areas offshore. “Panga”, as it is more commonly known, also owns the best view of the sunset. The Entalula beach club is set in a cove with fine white sand. Rock climbing, under the supervision of qualified instructors, takes place on the sheer limestone cliffs surrounding the beach club. Don’t worry – there are different routes to suit different skill levels. Windsurfing, Hobie cat sailing, kayaking, snorkelling, badminton, and volleyball can be done at either beach club. Lazing the day away is also condoned, as the highly efficient and friendly staff members will gladly fix you a cold mango shake as you bask in the sun.

Pangulasian Beach Club Long Stretch Rock Climbing Entalula Beach Club

Speaking of staff, more than 80% of the staff come from El Nido Town and its surrounding barangays, making El Nido Resorts the single largest private employer in the area. While their friendliness and dedication are their greatest assests, El Nido Resorts staff are also trained to high standards, enabling them to serve guests to the best of their abilities.

Leaving the resort will probably the only difficult thing you’ll have to do during your entire stay, that and balancing your loaded dinner plate. El Nido by itself is something else, what more if you include beautiful rooms, spectacular service, and smiling faces into the mix? I don’t have the answer so you’ll just have to come here and experience it yourself 🙂

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