I love you Neil!!!

I’ve spent the past few years trying (and failing) to get my younger brother (now in 1st year HS) and sister (grade 7) to read. “Harry Potter”? They didn’t get through the first book. Same thing with “Artemis Fowl”. “The Thief Lord” put them to sleep. My sister finished “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” but didn’t show any inclination to pick up “The Great Glass Elevator” or the other books. The only printed material of mine that they willingly read were “Rurouni Kenshin” and “Skip Beat!”. Of course manga counts but I was hoping that they’d be interested in other things too. Then, a ray of light: Neil Gaiman!

I lent them “M is for Magic” last month, figuring that short stories would be easier to digest. Wonder of wonders: they actually liked it! As in really liked it.Then a few days ago, my brother borrowed “Stardust” to read for his book report. The clincher was a note he left me today:

Got “The Graveyard Book”. Very interesting. — Jay

Hallelujah! I love you Neil!!!
Maybe I should get them “Coraline” for Christmas

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