Thoughts on Deathly Hallows part 2 (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

I got to attend the “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2” premiere sponsored by Studio 23 and Warner Bros in Rockwell Mall. Had mascot duty at the start with the rest of PHP and we got our photos taken for a Studio 23 show airing tomorrow at 6:30pm. They also interviewed us after the movie.

Us at the premiere. Guess how old we all are 😛

They had a trivia contest at the start, with winners getting a goodie bag from Warner Bros. I won the last goodie bag after the two people in front of me didn’t know the name of the actress who plays Molly Weasley. What irked me was that the girl who “won” the previous goodie bag didn’t even know the answer (what is Prof. Flitwick’s first name) – she got her friend (who was sitting in front of her) to give it to her and she still got it wrong the first time! (“Fideus” instead of “Filius” *facepalm*). Joan AKA severusa_snape won the first bag after knowing who the new Hogwarts headmaster was (grabe kung nagkamali pa si Joan dito, ewan ko nalang :P).

The goodies! My brother might get the cap as an early Christmas gift.

And now, the commentary! THERE BE SPOILERS AFTER THIS!

1. Something that made me cackle evilly: Ginny is totally and utterly useless in this film. Like in DH1, she was in this for less than five minutes and had three lines. She’s in only four scenes: a) when the Trio enter Hogwarts (where they just stare at each other in what I assumed was supposed to be a poignant scene but it just ended up flat), b) when they kiss before the final battle (GAG), c) when Voldemort brings them Harry’s “dead” body, and d) the crapilogue. Again, no chemistry between them (the “passion” during their kiss looked forced) and she’s just there. Someone who’s only watched the movies will be hard-pressed to understand how Harry Potter ended up with someone like that for a wife.

2. Yes, R/Hr kiss in this one (after Hermione destroys the cup). To be honest, the R/Hr didn’t make me rage because Kloves and Yates somehow managed to make Ron grow up into less of an immature brat. There was no bickering at all. We still don’t see why Hermione would choose Ron of all people – they don’t show how Ron grew up (he just suddenly did) – but the R/Hr wasn’t intolerable. All the handholding made me cringe though.

3. The flashback scene with Snape almost made me tear up. It was beautifully done and made Snape so much more sympathetic. It also successfully underlines Dumbledore’s douchiness for keeping Harry alive only to have him die later.

4. Seeing Neville be the hero was just awesome. I cheered – actually cheered! – when he offed Nagini. Incidentally, I wouldn’t be surprised at a sudden increase in Neville/Ginny shippers as N/G had more chemistry together than H/G.

5. The scene just before the crapilogue where the Trio stand on the ruined bridge after the battle, hand-in-hand with their eyes closed, is a guaranteed tearjerker. You can feel the relief that all the battles and running are finally over.

6. The crapilogue was heartwarming, primarily because it focused on Harry and Albus Severus (and secondarily because Ginny just stood there and smiled and was totally useless again). Dan’s improved so much since the first movie and you can feel the sincerity when he talks to his “son”. Emma also made me smile as she was fussing with Rose’s coat. Rupert just stands there and smiles.

7. Molly’s vaunted “Not my daughter, you bitch!” moment? Totally flat. Lady, if you’re going to cuss at a psychotic killer hellbent on killing you and your family, do it with some conviction.

All in all, it was a great movie. I’ll be seeing it again on Friday so hopefully I’ll be able to write a decent review then 🙂

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