F*ck yeah Ouran High School Host Club live action!

As of one hour ago, I’m officially caught up with the Ouran High School Host Club jdrama live action series via a 5-episode marathon. I wasn’t really planning on watching it because I’ve read the manga and watched the anime so I already know how it ends – my heart will get broken. This is because Haruhi (the series’ protagonist) doesn’t end up with Kyouya (the love of my otaku heart) but with Tamaki (the idiot prince) instead, who I cannot stand. It’s not as if Tamaki’s a bad guy – he’s actually really, really nice – but he’s Annoying. Kyouya would have been a much better fit for Haruhi if only he’d actually done something about it instead of sacrificing his own happiness in favor of his best friend’s (is that you Hanazawa Rui?). (And yes, him wearing glasses bumps up his appeal x100 :P)

Yes Kyouya, you are hot in whatever form you take.

Anyway, this post isn’t supposed to be a rant but a celebration of the cuteness that is the Ouran live action and the awesomeness that is episode 5. Why is it awesome? I believe the gifs speak for themselves:


All gifs from here

For those who aren’t familiar with the series, this is the corresponding scene from the anime:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hIWYnw3MMU]

The scene in the live action plays out differently from the anime and manga in major ways that are so squee-worthy for KyoHaru shipper me. First, we see that Kyouya also jumped in to save Haruhi (wrecking his glasses in the process) and he was frantic when she wouldn’t wake up. Second,  when he gets out of the room after Tamaki barges in, he admits to himself that maybe he’s the strange one because of his involvement with Haruhi even though there’s “nothing in it” for him. Kyouya’s identity as a character is hinged on his “coolness” so him admitting that he’s still there even if there’s “nothing to be gained” is a momentous development on the KyoHaru front. Of course I know how the series ends (don’t remind me!) but KyoHaru pimping in the live action is still a source of happiness for me.

And another thing that is a great source of happiness: Shunsuke Daito has got Kyouya down pat. I seriously love him. Kawaguchi Haruna as Haruhi is bland at times. Yamamoto Yusuke overdid the over-the-top acting. Takagi Shinpei and Manpei as Hikaru and Kaoru are so convincing that they freak me out. Chiba Yudai is cute bordering on annoying – I hate how they did his hair and his cuteness is forced. Nakamura Masaya is good as Mori (but then again, Mori as a character isn’t that fleshed out anyway). Ryusei Ryo as Nekozawa is so cute. Heehee.

I’ll close this entry with the hotness that is Kyouya/Daito:

Oh yeah!

Bring on episode 6!

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