Argyle Street and slutty costumes

I’m not home from Hong Kong yet but I just had to share two of my favorite shots from this trip:

Argyle Street
A street of lights

This is Argyle Street in Mong Kok, just before you turn right to Tung Choi St. and the famous Ladies’ Market. They sell more than just stuff for the ladies though – they have men’s clothing, shoes, toys, random housewares, and souvenir items. As we visited just before Halloween, several stalls were selling slutty costumes, including (but not limited to!) the dirty cop, naughty nurse, sexy schoolgirl, pirate wench, sleazy flight attendant, frisky French maid, promiscuous princess, and scantily-clad superheroine. I will never look at Snow White, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl in the same way again.

Slutty costumes galore
Slutty costumes galore! But where are the costumes for the guys? Unfair!

More photos and stories when I get back! 🙂

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