Catching up on everything

Well, this is embarrassing. No blog entries in over a week? For shame! But in my defense, lots of really fun stuff – tiring but fun stuff – happened between the whale shark sighting and today.

One last photo of the whale shark seen last February 8:

Whale shark with Marine Sports Guide Vladimir (photo by Lee Goldman)

Hawksbill sea turtle hatchlings from Dilumacad on February 9:

Hawksbill sea turtle hatchlings racing towards home. Go go go!

Hauling our used oil to Puerto Princesa then on to Batangas for treatment on February 9:

Hauling our used oil in the dead of night

In costume for the first weekend of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D on February 11:

Philippine Rebel Legion and 501st represent! And whee! I have my Jedi protector with me 🙂

Then on to Aids’ 33rd birthday on February 14, which was celebrated with dinner with his family, a kick-ass movie in the form of “Chronicle” (go watch it! Witness the origins of a teenage supervillain!), and a gig in Saguijo with his band Stereodeal and his music family (Paranoid City and Stranger Danger). Yay hung out with Ruth! Had lunch and dessert with Danes in BHS.

February 14 and 15 also meant going to pole class with Polecats Manila! My body hurt after two successive days of class after a months-long hiatus @_@  I also went to UP to consult with Ate Mags regarding my thesis (Sir Perry wasn’t available). I got my new glasses too. Hooray for Transition lenses!

I’m now back on the island and working. Coming up: training, training, and more training! And ooh, Death Cab for Cutie in March! YAAAAAY!

*This blog post was written after eating several pieces of chocolate and a custard cake. The writer may or may not be on a sugar high.*

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