Manila from the air

Dear Metro Manila,

I have a love/hate relationship with you.

Well, that was a quick 10 days. Haha. Quick but full of activities. Strangely enough, I don’t get to actually rest on my days off. I spend each day running around doing errands, going out with friends, working on my thesis (really now?), and basically trying to fit in as much fun as I can in the few days that I’m home.

My accomplishments:

  • finishing the photo book for my Australia trip last 2010 with Rima (it looks so pretty!)
  • taught my parents and sister how to use the photo book software so that they could organize their own photos (yay!)
  • attended Meet Manila’s Tertulia Night
  • attended iBlog 8 and learned a lot of fun stuff
  • joined Geekfight’s comics night and contributed nothing unique to the team (curses!)
  • did the preliminary statistics work for my thesis (yay!) and met up with my adviser

And now, I am back in El Nido. Maybe I’ll post more of those photos that everybody likes to see 😛 I leave you with the new trailer for “The Bourne Legacy”, featuring some of the scenes they shot in Manila. I’m still waiting to see the scenes they shot here in El Nido 🙂 A shirtless Jeremy Renner, oh yeah!


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