Macy’s “The Rise of Nine” book giveaway!

Win this book!

A milestone in my blogging history: my first-ever blog giveaway! (I’m thinking of it as a pre-birthday event.) Up for grabs is a copy of The Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore (my book review is here).

The mechanics are pretty straightforward. Please submit your entries via the Rafflecopter widget below (I love this widget!). You earn one raffle entry for each completed task. Tasks are to:

  • Leave a comment answering this question: If you were a member of the Garde, what legacy would you want to have and why?
  • Follow me on Twitter: @theislandergirl
  • Tweet about the giveaway: First ever blog giveaway from @theislandergirl: a copy of “The Rise of Nine” by Pittacus Lore!

You can start submitting entries today (August 27) until 1:01 pm of September 1. Good luck and have fun!

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46 Replies to “Macy’s “The Rise of Nine” book giveaway!”

  1. I would have the power of telekinesis so that I could destroy almost anything and even manipulate other alien races with my own mind. :))))

  2. I would like to have invisibility so that I can do whatever I wanted without others’ prejudices. :)) Pardon me, I’m not sure if there’s invisibility as I’ve only finished reading book 1 (I Am Number Four)

  3. If you were a member of the Garde, what legacy would you want to have and why?
    -I’d love to have Telepathy. It would be easier to communicate with people, know what other people think. You could mess with people’s thoughts! It would be a really powerful weapon/tool.

  4. If I were a member of the Garde, I would have a shape-shifting kind of Legacy. I would be able to transform into different kinds of animals. I would also have the ability to pass through walls. Or something a bit sinister like, say, mind control.

  5. telekinesis will not be an option coz all Garde members have it, shape changing is cool though what i want is number 4 & 7’s legacy, the ability to heal, it will be awesome when you’re in a fight and someone’s hurt and you’re there to cure them..

  6. The power of being able to teleport from one location to another. You never have to worry about transportation, airlines & airports, processing travel documents and most of all hours of sitting in traffic. Wouldn’t it be nice to travel freely from a portal to a location you’ve had in mind and make the trip in reverse in a matter of seconds or minutes. Visit places you’ve always wanted to see and not be hindered by travel expenses. Or just simply being in places where you’re needed in the fastest possible time.

  7. I would love to have the power of Happiness! I like to spread good vibes, smiles, and joy in this cruel world. For example, whenever someone sees me, they will instantly feel happy and feel good about themselves! That would be great!

  8. I would want to have Elemental manipulation… Maybe there’s a way I could slow down (if not prevent) Global warming using those elemental powers… or maybe I could control the weather so that there will be less storms…

  9. I want to have the healing power. It’s easy to fit in this world and live a simple life when the battle against the Mogadorians is through. I can heal not only the members of Garde but also ordinary Earth people.

  10. The HEALING POWER for me is the most important one. With this ability I can heal all the peoples in need. No high receipts. No injections. 🙂

  11. I would like to have a telepathic and emphatic ability. It would be cool to read minds and be able to communicate through that link alone. On the other hand, having empathy will help me understand people and communicate with them more effectively. I believe it’s when you understand others that you can show true compassion.

  12. Teleportation so i can finally relax and do away with my daily dose of road rage whenever i drive in Manila traffic.

  13. I personally love all of Marina / Number 7’s legacies so can I be her instead? 😀

    If I had to choose one legacy, I think I’d love to have a legacy to manipulate people’s emotions. If the Mogadorians were after me and if I could manipulate their emotions, I could cause chaos within their ranks and they’d be so busy fighting each other that they wouldn’t have time to pursue me. 😛

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