How DC Comics got me to run

DC Comics got me to run my first race. Not personal health and fitness, not Adrian, not my friends. It took DC Comics, a Wonder Woman race singlet, and a finisher’s medal with “Justice League” on it to get me to run.

Back story: DC Comics is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year and the company is pulling out all the stops for the celebration. In the Philippines, one of the events was the World of DC Comics All-Star Fun Run. Race distances were 3 kilometers, 5 kilometers, and 10 kilometers. Now, running is NOT my idea of fun but this run came with special incentives: an official DC Comics singlet, a character accessory, a slingbag, and a finisher’s medal embossed with the “Justice League” design.


Look at the shiny!


Yes, I joined the run for the Wonder Woman singlet. I’d have gotten an Aquaman one if they had it. Curses! He never gets any love.

I was thinking of registering just for the singlet but my officemates (hai Jem and Bryan!) convinced me that it would be a “great idea” to actually get off my ass and run. They also said that they’d join me but run the 10k (Jem) and the 5k (Bryan). Okay fine, I had been feeling fat and slow as of late (despite joining a TRX class at least once a week since September last year) and training for the event would help with that. I signed up for the 3k run because hey, baby steps.

I tracked my progress using Endomondo. It’s a super useful free app that tracks your time, distance covered, heart BPM, calories burned, and other fun stuff. It also has a map so you don’t get lost.

Results of my second training run, with Adrian as my buddy:

2015-04-04 starting runtime

Adrian and I did more walking than running. Not my proudest moment but again, baby steps.

And this was the run the week before the race. Yay progress!

2015-04-13 runtime week before

And finally, the day of the run:

2015-04-18 DC Fun Run time

My official chip time for the race is slightly different because the actual distance covered was only 2.7k (as measured by Endomondo) instead of the full 3k. I ended up running for another 300 m to complete the 3k. And yay, I’m above average!

dcrun time

I took another minute off my best time so yes! And I felt super doing it too.


And since Jem, Bryan, and I wanted to have a little fun with our super suits after the race, this happened:

DC Fun Run picture

So I’ll start training for a 5k run, yes?

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