About the blog

This blog is me in a nutshell. It has stories and photos from my travels around the Philippines and the world, my advocacy for responsible tourism, lots of science, and lots of books, comics, and movies. I aim to be informative, fun, and most importantly, be memorable.

About me (updated January 2020)

Hello! My name is Macy Añonuevo and I tend to get involved in a lot of different things.

At present, I work as a Sustainability Manager for a non-profit industry organization that aims to help businesses and industries function more sustainably. We do this by helping them with sustainability strategy, GHG inventory and management, solid waste management, sustainability reporting advisory, and others.
I used to be the Sustainability Manager of Ayala Property Management Corporation (APMC). APMC is the property management arm of Ayala Land Inc (ALI), the largest real estate developer in the Philippines. APMC manages over 200 properties nationwide, including residential (horizontal and vertical), offices (traditional and BPOs), malls, estates, and carparks. I worked to update sustainability standards in property management, both top-down and bottom-up. Some fun stuff included updating solid waste and hazardous waste management policies and interfacing directly with the tenants to help them comply with the policies. I also developed engagement programs for APMC, such as the Sustainability Club for employees, a sustainability-themed company-wide town hall, and the “Introduction to Sustainability” training module for new hires.
For the record, this isn’t my office. We just borrowed it for this photo 😛

I’m also science writer. I write for the Science and Technology section of GMA News Online, one of the Philippines’ leading news sites. Some of my favorite articles I’ve written include how marine biology fieldwork is like, how Filipino scientists use kites to survey coral reefs, and how plastic trash has beaten us to some of the ocean floor’s most remote locations. Watch this space for a future picture of me looking cute while writing in a coffee shop.


I used to be a senior research assistant in the University of the Philippines-Diliman Marine Science Institute under the Community Ecology Laboratory, specializing in coral reef ecology. When I did field work, I looked like this:

Taking pictures of coral reefs is fun! Photo by Denmark Recamara


I also used to work as an environmental officer for El Nido Resorts in El Nido, Palawan. My projects there included starting an online nature show and the Environment Department website, training the staff and local community in environmental practices, doing thrice-weekly Green Nights talks for the guests on El Nido’s environment, and organizing beach cleanups. When I was working there, I looked like this:

05 macy portrait
Yes, that is a baby hawksbill sea turtle with me.


I’m an aspiring travel writer. I love to travel. I love it. Going around, seeing the sights, experiencing a new culture, I love it all. I also love to write. Being able to transport other people to another place and time with just words is a special kind of magic I hope to create. When I’m traveling, I look like this:

About 2.8 km up Mauna Kea in Hawaii, USA. Photo by Mika Tanedo


I love to read! I blame my mom for my affliction, as she read to me often when I was a child. My books currently occupy several shelves and boxes and there will probably come a time when I’ll have to resort to piling them on the floor.

08 book portrait
With my favorite book, “The End of Eternity” by Isaac Asimov. Photo by the Fully Booked team.


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