An actual Scrabble word


My first time to actually see all 7 letter tiles be used in one turn and it’s the first word of the game! Too bad it wasn’t mine. LOL. Oh well. I almost caught up near the end then PJ puts down “kid” with K on the double letter score. Boooo! 😛

Our lifetime tally: Macy – 2, PJ – 1. Until the next game!

The Ultimate workout

There’s something to be said about a boss who’s big on making physical fitness fun. In a bid to get us exercising during our off-hours, she introduced us to her favorite sport: Ultimate Frisbee.

There's also something to be said about having a beach right where you work 😛 (photo by Ms. Mitzi)

It is an exhausting game. Gawd. Since there were only 6 of  us, we played 3-on-3 with a much-smaller-than-regulation field drawn on the sand. After our team finally won 5-4 after 39 minutes of play, I was just about ready to collapse. My face was so red, I resembled a lobster. My shirt stuck to my back. Sand was all over my legs and arms. And I was smiling so hard 😀

Ms. Mitzi left us one of her frisbees so that we could continue playing after she left. It’ll be just one of the many imprints she left on the resorts and on us. Game on!

How I turned into a (Monopoly) millionaire

(This blog entry was previously titled “Monopoly, Movies, and Music” but I decided to chop up the long entry into two shorter ones.)

This past Saturday was practically perfect: a fun afternoon playing card games with geeky friends and a comics run, followed by an entertaining movie and a loud concert.

My friend Nick invited a bunch of us to go to the Monopoly Deal tournament organized by MaDaMi Events and Creative Services and co-sponsored by Bo’s Coffee scheduled for July 23 in Robinsons Galleria. He, Beej, Jay-R, Mark, and Carlo went to Megamall leg last July 16 and had a blast. I already knew how the game worked courtesy of the deck my sister got for her birthday so I didn’t hesitate in accepting the invite.

Backgrounder on the game: You know how Monopoly works, right? To streamline the boardgame into a card game, the new objective is to complete three property sets (the properties with the same colors). The standard properties and their colors are still in effect (i.e. dark blue Boardwalk and Park Place are one property set, the four Railroads are another set, etc.) and you collect rent by playing a Rent card. There are special Action cards unique to this version of Monopoly that will make your life more difficult: i.e. Deal Breaker lets you steal a complete set from another player, Sly Deal lets you steal a property from another player, while Forced Deal lets you swap properties with another player. The full instructions are found here.

The tournament area. Hurrah for coffee! (Pay for your own coffee though 😛 In fairness, I liked their non-dairy Caramelo Froccino Primo.)
The prizes. A new Monopoly set! *drools* And lots of new card games and Bo's Coffee gift certificates too 😀

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