The importance of the opposable thumb

My newest El Nido souvenir

Yep, that’s my right thumb in a splint. I honestly don’t remember what I did to it in the first place but it’s been hurting like hell for the past 3 days. Doc PJ says that it’s not fractured nor dislocated and he’s already given me the strongest painkiller he has. Unfortunately my body is shrugging off the painkiller so he finally decided to put it in a splint to immobilize it.

I never realized just how difficult daily activities could be without my main opposable thumb. I can’t grip anything properly – no knives and doorknobs for me. Texting takes thrice as long, especially since I’m anal about proper spelling and punctuation. Not to mention actually typing this out – my pointer finger now has the (un)enviable task of being my spacebar-presser. I’m just hoping the swelling and pain goes down soon so that I can hold my toothbrush again.

And yep, I’m finishing this post here because typing is getting frustrating.