The Fully Booked-RCBC Bankard MasterCard – the booklover’s credit card


The booklover’s credit card is finally here! I was invited to the launch event last April 17 but was unable to go because of work commitments. Much sighs of disappointment were expended. But the important thing is that they finally released it – the Fully Booked-RCBC Bankard MasterCard! If you consider Fully Booked as your second home, then you’ll definitely like this card.

What’s so great about this credit card?

First up: a year-round 10% discount on regular items! You probably already have Fully Booked’s in-store discount card but this card limits you to a 5% discount on credit card purchases. The Fully Booked-RCBC Bankard card is the only credit card that gives you 10% off the regular price. Please note that the discount is not applicable to magazines, office supplies, CDs, DVDs, consigned items, gift certificates, and sale items.

Second: up to 10% rebate on your Fully Booked, Bibliarch, and Sketchbook purchases when you charge at least P20,000 elsewhere per billing statement! You also earn a flat 0.5% rebate on all of your outside purchases, such as restaurant meals, groceries, airline tickets, utility bills, and the like. You can earn as much as P1,000 worth of rebates per monthly billing statement for a total of P12,000 per year.


Third: invites to Special Buys and Private Sale Events and advance notifications on new arrivals, special events, and promos. Hey, the little things count too so this is a nice perk.

And finally…

Four: 0% interest installment plans for big book purchases! You can get a 3-month installment plan for a minimum purchase of P3,000 and 6-month installment plan for P5,000.

One last bonus: you get a P500 Book Voucher for spending at least P12,000 anywhere within the first 3 months of receiving your card. Just remember that you need to present both your card and the charge slips when you claim the Book Voucher at any Fully Booked branch.

Part of me is seriously thinking about getting this card, especially since they waived the first year membership fee. Nuninuninu… *dreams about all the wonderful books she could get*


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