My book review policy

My constant companion. Yes, that’s Hawkeye on my Kindle. I love him too.

I love books. I really, really, really love books. Another thing I love is sharing why I love particular books, hence the book reviews that I write. While I’m generally open to all genres, I tend to skew towards science fiction, young adult, romance, chick lit, and thrillers. I read on a Kindle (I LOVE IT!) or paper books, depending on the available format. The reviews usually come out within a week after I finish reading unless delayed by Real World Responsibilities (e.g. work, my graduate thesis, field work, and the like).

What to expect: honest and blunt reviews. If I’m excited, it shows. If I hated it, it shows too. Some character bashing shows up but only if he/she deserves it.

Hopefully you guys get something out of the reviews 🙂

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