Why I #BlogWithNuffnang

I’ve blogged with Nuffnang ever since I started www.theislandergirl.com in 2013 and I’ve never looked back. There are a boatload of reasons why I’ve stuck with Nuffnang this long but these are my favorites:

1. Nuffnang partners with the best brands.
No sketchy dealings here. With Nuffnang, the ads that appear on your blog are from legitimate businesses. The same goes for sponsored posts. Nuffnang considers the type of content you produce and matches sponsorships accordingly. That way, your readers are more likely to be interested in what your sponsors have to say.

2. Nuffnang holds the best contests.
Seriously. Who else can partner with Airbnb and hold a contest for the best travel bucketlist with cash and Airbnb credits as the top prize? That was the best contest ever and I was lucky enough to win it. I’m leaving for Hong Kong next month and it’s all thanks to Nuffnang!

That wasn’t my first time to win a Nuffnang contest. I was also fortunate enough to win a ticket to Blogopolis 2013 and the first Restaurant Digital Marketing Conference. Winning the conference ticket was especially important to me as my mom owns a fabulous bakery and we needed to know how to promote it online.

3. Nuffnang’s staff are the best.
I coordinated with Community Manager Jamon to pick up my prize for the Airbnb contest and he was so easy to deal with. Same goes for their Help department when I needed assistance in cashing out my advertising earnings for the first time. I’d definitely work with them again 🙂