There is no excuse for leaving cigarette butts on the beach. NONE.

The plastic bottle in the photo holds 500 ml. My coworkers and I filled it up in the 2.5 hours we spent cleaning up El Nido’s beaches this morning as part of our Earth Day activities (yay Happy Earth Day!). Most of them were stuck in the cracks and crevices of the cliffs. Seriously. There is no good reason to leave your cigarette butts on the beach or anywhere else that isn’t a proper trash can. Be a responsible smoker. Did you know that in 2010, volunteers during the International Coastal Cleanup picked up 1.8 MILLION cigarette butts? Aside from being eyesores, cigarette butts are accidentally eaten by animals and release carcinogens into the water. I know someone who actually keeps his butts in his pocket if he can’t find a nearby trashcan. Another option would be to temporarily keep them in a plastic or glass bottle until you can dispose of them properly.