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The tickets

Aids and I were lucky enough to snag tickets to the opening night of Rakenrol in the Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo in CCP last July 23. In fairness, Rakenrol merited a showing in the Main Theater 😀

Official description:

Odie and his best friend Irene are two outsiders who find a second home in the Philippine underground music scene. The two decide to form a band and put together an unlikely crew that consists of the school bully, an ex-punk-turned-barista, and a former-childstar-turned-band-manager. The film follows their misadventures as they face satanic S&M bands, samurai swindlers, narcissistic rockstars, the pretentious Philippine art community, and the freakiest music video auteur ever. Co-written by Diego Castillo, the guitarist of one of the Philippines’ biggest rock bands SANDWICH, and directed by multi-awarded music video director Quark Henares, “Rakenrol” is a heartfelt ode to the underground scene both filmmakers spent their formative years in. Continue reading “Movies and music”