Comics review: Zatanna # 14

With Zee’s solo series not continuing past the DC reboot (sob!), her inclusion in “Justice League Dark” (with John Constantine, Madam Xanadu, and the like) instead, AND with the Brother Night plot arc needing to be finished by issue #16, I was really looking forward to the comic described in the previously released summary:

Zatanna’s struggle against Brother Night forces the Maid of Magic to reach into the darkest places for a mystic edge in battle. But now that she’s fighting as dirty as Night, will Zatanna’s own soul be lost in the process?

Unfortunately, we don’t get that potentially awesome story. Instead, we get a one-shot featuring Zee and her younger cousin Zachary in a bar in Las Vegas. Zee mothers Zach, Zach doesn’t listen to her, Zach gets into trouble, and Zee bails him out. Not necessarily something I wanted to see with the end so close and the main plot still hanging.

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