My favorite (free) iPhone apps

I made the jump to premium smartphone territory just two months ago when my credit card company offered the iPhone 4S at u0% interest for 24 months. It was finally within my budget! (I also rationalized it by saying that I needed to switch mobile phone carriers anyway as almost everyone I call and text is on Globe :P) As with most smartphones (I say most because IMO the exception is Blackberry), the available apps are what complete the experience. With two months of use under my belt and a whole lot of adjusting to do (strange that I bought an iPhone when I’m not fond of touchscreens in general), here are the (free) apps that make my life easier:

  1. Evernote. I have it on my work netbook and my personal laptop (which I still use for work). Installing it on my phone was a no-brainer. This is where I write long blog posts (both personal and work-related) so that the drafts are always with me.
  2. Dropbox. Same purpose as Evernote and just as awesome.
  3. Instagram. Say what you will about it (or me) but I love it. And hey, Jason Mraz and Harry Shum Jr. are on it so it’s another avenue to stalk them with!
  4. Adobe Photoshop Express. This app answers all my basic photo editing needs. I only wish that it had more filters.
  5. Converter Plus. It has practically everything I’d ever need to convert – currency, length, temperature, volume, mass, tips, and even mortgage! You can get rid of the ads for an extra $0.99.
  6. Spend Free. It’s a personal budgeting app that helps you keep track of your expenses and income. You set the time frame for each budget you create (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.), whether it cycles or not, and how much is available to spend. For each budget, you can input expenses and deposits and the app automatically calculates how much money you have left available. You can also set fixed recurring expenses (i.e. rent) so that it’s automatically deducted from your running balance each time. I’m in love with this app. The reviews say that the app tends to crash but I haven’t experienced it so far.
  7. WordPress. Considering how often I’ve used this to write blog entries, of course this is on the list! The interface is great and easy to use. Now I just need to travel more so that I can say that I maximized the app 😛

In case you didn’t notice, I don’t really play iPhone games. Haha. The only one I have installed is Temple Run and it’s free 😛 Do you guys have suggestions for other useful apps?