Celebrating Lucy’s third birthday at Fully Booked!

First off, congratulations to Lucy for turning three-years-old! Lucy is Fully Booked‘s mascot/spokesperson and overall social media “figure”. Second, sorry for only writing about the event now >_< Lucy’s birthday celebrations took place last July 27-28 in Fully Booked’s Bonifacio High Street and Alabang Town Center branches but due to work, school, and reading my book haul, this post is a month late. Anyway, enough of that! Danes wanted to go to the party but wasn’t able to because of prior commitments. This post is partly to annoy her and tease her a bit about what she missed 😛 Games, free books, and Magnum ice cream? The perfect party!

00 event proper

It was a small party but still fun 🙂 Fully Booked’s staff set up tables where partygoers could play bookish games. You win a game, you get to pick a book “blind date” as a prize 😀 The first table had a word scramble game, where you had to unscramble at least five Star Wars or Harry Potter terms within 30 seconds to win. I wasn’t sure I wanted to play this game as I’m a massive fan of both franchises and it would be very embarrassing to lose 😛 Luckily, I didn’t so I earned my ticket for the book blind date. Wheee!

01 word scramble game

The second game was a “pair us up” challenge, where you and a friend had to match up at least five famous literary pairs within 30 seconds to win. I got the deck with Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley in it and submitting their cards together broke my heart. I did, however, qualify that I was doing it under duress 😛 Mwahaha! The only pair I wasn’t familiar with was Eleanor and Park, who are apparently the main characters in the popular YA book “Eleanor & Park”. Danes says the book is really nice (it’s about first loves) so that’s one more book to add to the “to read” pile. Found it funny that the comic book-themed deck had Iron Man and Pepper Potts as the pair (along with Mr. Fantastic/Invisible Woman and Clark Kent/Lois Lane) when they’re not together in the actual comics. Ah well 🙂

02 pair them up game

My favorite part of the afternoon: choosing my blind date! Instead of simply giving the books away, Fully Booked wrapped them in opaque paper and wrote short descriptions on the front. I ended up choosing a book described as featuring “secret society”, “1920’s New York”, “romance”, and “magic”. I double-checked with their super-friendly staff just to make sure it wasn’t The Diviners by Libba Bray (since I’d already read it) but it wasn’t! Something similar then 😀

03 book blind date

Book Blind Date candidates. Who to choose?!

05 my blind date

I ended up with this one.

04 friendly fully booked staff

The super friendly Fully Booked staff and Marketing Team

06 free book

My book blind date! Read my review here.

All in all, it was a great party. Kudos to the kickass Fully Booked team who organized the event! Special shoutout to Ms. Victoria from the Marketing Department who recognized me from the “What’s Your Story” campaign. Haha! I met her in the Katipunan branch November last year 😀