Beach-testing my Flopeds flipflops

Sand, sand, and more sand! And flipflops too.

I finally got myself a pair of brown Flopeds flipflops to go with my work uniform (my previous review’s over here). Luckily, they look a lot like our “official” footwear. The situation: I wear them 16 hours a day everyday, walk often, and the flipflops are constantly exposed to lots of sun, sand, and saltwater. The result after almost a month of abuse: they’re faring pretty well so far! 😀 There’s some wear and tear (to be expected) but they still look really good. And they’re still awesomely comfortable! The acid test would be if/when I go hiking in them 😀

Flopeds – the most comfortable flip-flops ever!

Flopeds - the most comfortable flip-flops ever!

I love wearing flip-flops. They’re comfortable, easy to take on and off, and come in all sorts of colors. However, I find most flip-flops uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time because 1) the rubber is too hard so there’s almost zero cushioning, and 2) my feet have low arches so wearing something with zero arch support like flip-flops causes serious pain when worn for extended periods like when I’m commuting or working in the lab. I’ve considered using FitFlops but let’s face it – they’re freaking expensive at around PhP 5,000 and look tacky. The savior of my feet came in the form of Flopeds – the anti-flat flip-flop!

From their website:

What’s so special about FLOPEDS ?

Most foot conditions are caused by improper or badly fitting footwear.Wearing good supportive footwear, is a great way to look after our feet and using a sandal or flip flop when we are out of our shoes, that provides the right support and control is equally important.

FLOPEDS, are designed to keep your feet supported and aligned. They also have build in supports around the arch and forefoot area, that follow the natural contours of the foot. These make them an extremely comfortable flip flop to wear for extended use.

The attractive range of  colors makes this flip flop the choice of all ages and genders, and they can be worn around the house, or outdoors, by the pool or on the beach.

I’ve been wearing my Flopeds for several months now and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Yes, that had to be in all-caps. The solid foam arch support is a dream come true for me -they provide just the right amount of support and the foam is solid yet yielding so there’s no pressure while walking. I’ve worn them from Paranaque to Quezon City and back and experienced almost no pain (only when people on the MRT stepped on my feet). I got them in black so they go with almost everything.

The only drawbacks would be availability and price. My cousin got them for me in Dubai (she’s actually the one who recommended them to me and she herself owns several pairs) as they aren’t available locally and cost AED 145 (~PhP 1,700). Definitely less expensive than FitFlops but more than what basic Havaianas flip-flops would cost. I used to favor Havaianas despite the PhP 800 price tag because they’re more comfortable to wear compared to other brands because of the softer rubber they use. But now that I’ve worn Flopeds, there’s no going back 😛 I asked my cousin to get me another pair in dark brown to match my work uniform. Technically we’re supposed to wear dark brown Beachwalk flip-flops to work so that we all match but they’re hard and uncomfortable 🙁 I’m hoping they let me continue wearing Flopeds because of my foot problems. No foot pain = happier employee 😀