A night on the (El Nido) town

Mavic and I got to stay out in El Nido town last night with some friends from UP MSI. YAHOOO!!! Thank you to Ate Mags, Fleur, Kuya Mel, and Renmar for letting us crash with them last night (hey, I did help somewhat in making the cages :D). It was a great night filled with food, friends, and alcohol. I crashed earlier than everybody else because I had to wake up at 5:15am to catch the 6am boat back to Miniloc. It was exhausting but so worth it.

Dinner at Aplaya Bar and Restaurant. Ordered grilled squid. The food was yummy (of course! The restaurant is owned by former MIR F&B Supervisor Bong Meridor) but took FOREVER to arrive. We ended up eating Ken's "birthday cake" while waiting because we were so freaking hungry.
Moved over to Sea Slugs for drinks. Their chilled margaritas are kickass. That there is our second pitcher and I drank 1.5-2 glasses of the stuff. Whoo! Reg's student (who happens to be the daughter of Sea Slugs' owner) was celebrating her birthday that night and sent spaghetti, pancit, and pizza over to our table. Wow! I felt unworthy since I didn't know the birthday girl but I will never turn down a Sea Slugs pizza.

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Another year of life

First off, I’d like to thank all of the people who greeted me in person or via Facebook or text. It really means a lot that you took the time to do so. Second, another thank you to the people who graced me with even more of their time by coming to my little shindigs. I missed you guys.

Spent both the day of my birthday and the day before with good food and good friends. What more can you ask for?

Pre-birthday dinner in Marciano’s in Greenbelt 3 with friends from work. Well technically, they don’t work for the company anymore but you know what I mean 😛 Food was really good and arrived quickly but it took forever to get a table.

The second stop of the traveling turtle
The largest all-chocolate sundae I've ever seen. Huzzah! 😀 It took the four of us to finish it all.
Guess who the youngest in the group is? LOL

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