The importance of the opposable thumb

My newest El Nido souvenir

Yep, that’s my right thumb in a splint. I honestly don’t remember what I did to it in the first place but it’s been hurting like hell for the past 3 days. Doc PJ says that it’s not fractured nor dislocated and he’s already given me the strongest painkiller he has. Unfortunately my body is shrugging off the painkiller so he finally decided to put it in a splint to immobilize it.

I never realized just how difficult daily activities could be without my main opposable thumb. I can’t grip anything properly – no knives and doorknobs for me. Texting takes thrice as long, especially since I’m anal about proper spelling and punctuation. Not to mention actually typing this out – my pointer finger now has the (un)enviable task of being my spacebar-presser. I’m just hoping the swelling and pain goes down soon so that I can hold my toothbrush again.

And yep, I’m finishing this post here because typing is getting frustrating.

Mr. A-Z in Manila!

I’m not really one to gush about music but I am making an exception this time because Mr. Jason Mraz is my favorite musician EVER. Yes, EVER. (John Mayer ranks second.) Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan yet when he first came to Manila and performed in the NBC Tent so I missed that chance. Since then, his songs have become staples of my computer, mobile phone, and iPod. His songs are stamped with his trademark mix of witty but heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies. And it’s not just his music that makes him so special. He’s known to be pro-environment and pro-LGBT equality. In short, I’m a huge fan.

Now, I’ve been waiting to see him live for years. Yep, years. I’ve seen videos on YouTube so I know that he’s an amazing live performer – even better than his studio recordings. And now, he’s finally coming back to Manila. Two things that I absolutely love about this concert: 1) it’s going to be in the Araneta Coliseum so it’s going to be indoors (unlike Mayer’s concert, which was held in the pouring rain) and 2) ticket prices are reasonable. The most expensive tickets are priced at P3,710 compared to Mayer’s P12,000 (for MOA’s open parking lot!) and Maroon 5’s P7,000 (for SMX). But when things seem too good to be true, then they usually are. The concert’s on October 30 but I’m already slated to take my monthly days off on Oct 19-25 for a trip to Hong Kong. It’s highly improbable that my boss will let me go home a second time “just” for this, especially since I need to take my November days off starting Nov 4 for my cousin’s wedding. So there. I’ll be missing Mr. A-Z a second time due to unfortunate timing.

Hold me. I’m about to cry.

No really. I’m sniffling.