Getting fit with KFit

One of my New Year’s Resolutions, as it has been for the past several years, is to get fit. Unfortunately, I’m really bad at keeping this particular resolution so I haven’t actually improved on the fitness front for the past few years (notable exceptions would be training to run 3km for the DC Comics Fun Run and a few weeks of classes at Gold’s Gym). But I have a feeling that 2016 is going to be different. I get the feeling that I’m actually going to keep it this year and it’s all because of KFit<3
There are two things you should know about me and exercise:
  1. I need a schedule and an instructor. Gym access alone doesn’t work. I need someone there to push me.
  2. I get bored easily.
KFit solves both problems because it gives me access to a ton of different gyms for only one monthly membership fee. A bonus of going with KFit is that since the member gyms are scattered all over Metro Manila (other cities worldwide have their own membership rates), I’m sure to find a KFit gym whether I’m working in Quezon City during the week or home in Paranaque on the weekend.
Kfit options
You book (and cancel) classes through the KFit app (available in iOS and Android). The app is beautifully designed because you can search for classes according to time, location (whether 5km, 3km, or 1km away from your current location), or activity preference (yoga, dance, gym access, etc.). Once you find a class you like, tap “Reserve Activity” and you’re set! You can also add it to your phone’s calendar so that you don’t forget 😀 Another thing to remember is that each gym has their own cancellation policy. Some allow for cancellations up to one hour prior to your reserved slot, while other require you to do it the day before. Check because a late cancellation or you not showing up will get you a Php 200 fee. Or better yet, attend the class and not cancel! 😀
kfit classes
I’ve discovered a great many places because of KFit. There are only good experiences to be had with Whitespace Studios, Treehouse Yoga, and Yoga Philippines for yoga and pilates and Chrome Divas for aerial hoop. Even better: my beloved (and much missed) Polecats are on KFit too, and they have a new Katipunan gym!
kfit class times
And now, for the nitty-gritty on the costs.
You can register to KFit as a Basic member, which allows you one free activity per month. Please note that not all of the activities can be booked under this tier. For the full experience, upgrade to the All-Access Pass for Php 999 per month (but you can get Php 500 off for your first month if you sign up through my link 😛 The All-Access Pass gives you unlimited access to all of the member gyms within Metro Manila 😀 But please note that “All Access” doesn’t mean unlimited classes for every gym. Each gym has their own restrictions on the number of classes you can take with them via KFit. For example, Treehouse Yoga allows you to book four classes per month, Whitespace allows you to book three, while Polecats allows for two. I think this is a fair restriction so that the gyms don’t lose money, as KFit’s monthly membership is oftentimes cheaper than the monthly rate they offer to their current regulars. KFit’s benefit to the gym is selling unsold class space – it’s not supposed to replace their regulars. Besides, if there are a lot of KFit member gyms around you, you can always gym-hop to maximize your membership 😉
There you have it: absolutely no reason not to get fit this 2016! The satisfaction of knowing that my core is getting stronger, that I can hold my planks longer, and it’s not costing me an arm and a leg, is a great high. Knowing that my wedding dress designer had to pin my dress tighter because I burned some of the jiggle around my waist since November is a bonus 😛