Kindle wallpapers : Hawkeye, Black Widow (“The Avengers” movie)

So I’m still coming off my Avengers high despite seeing the movie three weeks ago. IT WAS THAT GOOD. Those who know me (or read my movie review) know that my favorite actor in the movie was Jeremy Renner (and I got to say hi to him and have my photo taken with him when he was filming “The Bourne Legacy” AAAAAHHHH!!!) and my favorite parts of the movie were when he flexed his arms 😛 Those moments and the long, continuous battle shot in the finale. I love my Kindle and I love Jeremy as Hawkeye. End result? More Kindle wallpapers! I loved the Clint/Natasha undertones too so Black Widow also gets a wallpaper.

Note: these were made for my Kindle 3 AKA the Kindle Keyboard so the wallpapers are 600×800. Enjoy!

Movie review: “The Avengers” (2012)

Oh my god, there aren’t enough adjectives to describe how awesome this movie is. I specifically scheduled my days off so that I’d be able to see it on opening day and IT WAS SO WORTH IT. (Do I thank the movie pirates for forcing Marvel to release the movie in the Philippines ahead of North America?) I also got to watch it with 30 other geeky friends so that added to the enjoyment methinks, PLUS I got to see it again last night in 3D with Aids 😀

You know Joss Whedon directed and/or wrote the script because of:

  1. badass female character kicking everyone else’s ass
  2. the copious use of snarky one-liners. Iron Man doesn’t have a monopoly on them anymore.

I’m all for #1 but #2 is somewhat 70/30. The one-liners are great and in-character when they’re coming from Iron Man but they were a bit off coming from someone like Thor or the Cap.

Why I love this movie: Continue reading “Movie review: “The Avengers” (2012)”