Movie review: “The Avengers” (2012)

Oh my god, there aren’t enough adjectives to describe how awesome this movie is. I specifically scheduled my days off so that I’d be able to see it on opening day and IT WAS SO WORTH IT. (Do I thank the movie pirates for forcing Marvel to release the movie in the Philippines ahead of North America?) I also got to watch it with 30 other geeky friends so that added to the enjoyment methinks, PLUS I got to see it again last night in 3D with Aids 😀

You know Joss Whedon directed and/or wrote the script because of:

  1. badass female character kicking everyone else’s ass
  2. the copious use of snarky one-liners. Iron Man doesn’t have a monopoly on them anymore.

I’m all for #1 but #2 is somewhat 70/30. The one-liners are great and in-character when they’re coming from Iron Man but they were a bit off coming from someone like Thor or the Cap.

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