Kindle wallpapers : Hawkeye, Black Widow (“The Avengers” movie)

So I’m still coming off my Avengers high despite seeing the movie three weeks ago. IT WAS THAT GOOD. Those who know me (or read my movie review) know that my favorite actor in the movie was Jeremy Renner (and I got to say hi to him and have my photo taken with him when he was filming “The Bourne Legacy” AAAAAHHHH!!!) and my favorite parts of the movie were when he flexed his arms 😛 Those moments and the long, continuous battle shot in the finale. I love my Kindle and I love Jeremy as Hawkeye. End result? More Kindle wallpapers! I loved the Clint/Natasha undertones too so Black Widow also gets a wallpaper.

Note: these were made for my Kindle 3 AKA the Kindle Keyboard so the wallpapers are 600×800. Enjoy!

Kindle screensavers: Wedge Antilles, Rogue Squadron (Star Wars)

The fourth and last (so far!) in my Kindle screensavers series: Wedge Antilles and the X-Wings of Rogue Squadron from Star Wars. Some people like the Jedi (I do too!), others the stormtroopers. Me? I love the flyboys of Rogue Squadron. I have all the novels and almost all the comics (just missing issues 2/4 and 4/4 from The Rebel Opposition). Michael Stackpole writes them so brilliantly! Aaron Allston gets a special mention for the excellent writing of the Wraith Squadron series 😀

The screensavers:

Rogue Squadron attacking an Interdictor-class Star Destroyer

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Kindle screensavers: 10th Doctor, 11th Doctor and Amy Pond (Doctor Who)

After a review of Michale Scott’s book “The Warlock”, here comes the third in my Kindle screensavers series: the 10th Doctor and the 11th Doctor with Amy Pond from Doctor Who. Can I just say that I absolutely adore David Tennant and Matt Smith’s Doctors? The 10th and 11th Doctors are tied for the position of Doctor of my heart (don’t make me pick one!). I want to smush them both 😀 And confession time: despite knowing who the Doctor’s (future) wife is, I still ship 11th Doctor/Amy Pond. If not Amy, then Rose Tyler but definitely not River Song. I firmly believe that Amy just settled for Rory – sure she loves him but I don’t think she’s in love with him and she certainly doesn’t love him as much as she loves the Doctor.

Anyway, on to the screensavers!

How can you resist the Doctor?
Matt Smith's smexy eyes 😛
The reason why my brother watches "Doctor Who": Karen Gillan's legs *rolls eyes*

Kindle screensavers: Zatanna (comics, Smallville)

The second in my Kindle screensavers series, this time featuring my favorite magician: Zatanna Zatarra 😀

Her comics incarnation:

I just love this cover! I'm still mourning for her solo series 🙁

Her Smallville incarnation:

Serinda Swan was just perfect.

Kindle screensavers: Oliver Queen, Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)

Did you know that you can jailbreak your Kindle to allow for custom screensavers? I didn’t until Rocky told me. So yay! Much thanks to Rocky for letting me know of this vital piece of information 😀 Why is it vital? Because while I absolutely adore my Kindle, I’m not a big fan of most of the stock screensavers. (Let’s face it: the Emily Dickinson portrait is really creepy.) I wanted to take the easy way and just download the screensavers that other people have made but the main source for these screensavers is a Tumblr blog and I hate navigating through a Tumblr blog. End result? I made my own! 😀 I’ll be doing a series of entries featuring the screensavers I made from various promotional images and covers. Some of the screensavers I made (and am currently using) were based on other people’s fanart but I won’t be sharing those because it feels weird to be sharing derivative works without the other guy’s permission.

First up: Oliver Queen and Chloe Sullivan from Smallville (Chlollie represent!)

Yes, I get Justin Hartley's hotness on my Kindle!


The summer essentials: Amazon Kindle


I got my Kindle 3 (Wi-Fi only) last December as a Christmas gift from my parents and it hasn’t left my side since. I love it. I LOVE it. I LOVE IT! 😀

Holding the Kindle

The Kindle 3 fits comfortably in my hand, with my right hand’s thumb resting exactly on the “next page” button. Yes, it is possible to curl up and read with a Kindle! 😛

The reading experience

The reading experience is just superb. With the E-Ink screen, it really feels like you’re reading off of a paper book. No eyestrain here! The “page refresh” feature (what happens when you load the next page) was almost seamless, though repeated use – when I was viewing a website, for example – made my head hurt.

Organizing your books

This is probably the most time-consuming and annoying part of owning a Kindle. To organize your books into “collections” (basically subfolders), you have to manually choose each book that you want to include in the collection. Since you have to use the 4-way button and the Kindle’s refresh rate is good but not blazing fast, the process gets really tedious, really fast. Here’s hoping that Amazon comes up with program that will let you organize books while the Kindle is connected to your computer.

Reading PDFs

If you’re getting a Kindle primarily to use as a PDF reader, consider getting the larger Kindle DX instead. Since you’re going to see the PDF’s pages exactly how they’re formatted, you either 1) have to fit the entire page onto the 6 ” reading area (tolerable if the PDF’s type is large to begin with), or 2) refresh the page every so often.

Web browsing

I wasn’t expecting a lot so I was pleasantly surprised to find the Kindle’s web browsing feature to be halfway decent. I managed to check my email and browse Facebook without getting annoyed at the wait time. This feature is best-used for text-heavy sites. I can browse for and read fanfic on my Kindle! *happy dance*