And another stolen bit of time

Yes, I’m still on the island 😛 We were supposed to go diving today to install the sediment traps in my study sites but had to cancel because we didn’t have a boat. Oh well. We used the time to do office work instead – drafting the company’s sustainability policy and writing new bedtime stories for our guests. Got to play Monopoly on my friend’s laptop as well. LOL. Hopefully the seas will be calm tomorrow and it’ll be SUNNY. Gosh. It rained for practically the whole day.

Maybe I should take pictures during the sediment trap installation tomorrow and show people how unglamorous marine science research really is 😛

Stealing a few moments of internet time

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth. LOL. I just have two things going for me: 1) no laptop because the power adaptor broke just as I got to the island, and 2) fieldwork and lots of it! Will update when I  can, which will most probably be when I go back to Manila next week. Until then, check my Twitter account for micro-updates 😀