The most luxurious property in northern Palawan is almost ready

Last night marked the first function held in the soon-to-open Pangulasian Island Resort here in El Nido. It was the awarding ceremony for our Top 10 travel agents for 2011 and as our president said, the TAs got to see Pangulasian even before the owners did 😛 I got roped into serving as “official photographer”. True to form, I elected to use my tiny Canon S95 over the Nikon DSLR they offered because I’ve used Canon cameras since 2002 and I have no idea where the controls are on a Nikon.

Everybody outdid themselves with the setup. Major shoutout to the Engineering, Garden, Food and Beverage, Kitchen, and Housekeeping departments for cleaning up a construction area and turning it into a five-star poolside setup in a day!

The crumbling castle

Thank goodness for plastic molds that make building sandcastles so much easier!

This photo was taken way back in 2008 on the beach of Pangulasian Island. At present, the island is the construction site for the company’s most luxurious and ambitious property to date. Pangulasian Island Resort is set to soft-open this May 2012, with the formal opening in October. Not sure yet if I’ll be transferring once the new resort opens. Let’s see what happens 🙂