Slidecast – “The Plants of El Nido, Palawan” by Ulysses Ferreras

Confession time: I’m not much of a plant person. There, I said it. They all look the same to me: green! So understand my happiness and trepidation with having a noted field biologist go around El Nido, identifying the plants and keeping an eye out for potential new species. We hosted Mr. Ulysses Ferreras last November 28-December 3 in El Nido. At the end of his stay, he gave a short presentation detailing the interesting and endemic plants we encountered during our short field surveys. The slidecast below is of his presentation.

[slideshare id=10903571&doc=ferreras2011-theplantsofelnidoenglish-120109000914-phpapp02]

Side note: I love Slideshare‘s slidecast function!!! You can sync recorded audio with the changing slides so it really feels as if you’re listening to the live presentation. It’s the much better option compared to video-recording a live presentation as you don’t have to worry about the speaker sometimes covering the screen and splitting the focus between the moving speaker and the screen.