Chubby Chicken is making me chubby!

Contrary to popular belief, delicious and satisfying eats can still be had along Katipunan Avenue for less than Php 100 to Php 150. And no, I’m not talking about McDonald’s or Jollibee. Whenever I’m too tired to even think about cooking rice and reheating leftovers or just because I want to, my go-to place for dinner is Chubby Chicken.

Chubby Chicken, as the name implies, primarily serves chicken. But those who want other meats and fish will still find something on their menu. My standard order is the chicken taco with fries because a) the one-piece taco is only Php 70+, and b) it’s so damn good. You cannot go wrong with their chicken tacos, I swear. I also always get the cheese on the side because IMHO the cheese tastes funny with their secret garlic mayo sauce but goes well with the fries.


If you prefer bigger servings, their chicken strips are the way to go. You can get them in either sweet or spicy (I prefer the spicy) and they come with rice and garlic mayo sauce. The chicken strips are more expensive compared to their standard one-piece chicken meal but you get more chicken with the strips so it balances out.


For dessert, their fried Oreos with vanilla ice cream are delicious. Perfect blend of hot and cold.

Chubby Chicken is pretty small, with only seven tables inside and another two outside. Combine good food, decent prices, and free Wi-Fi and you’ve got a place that gets crowded easily. It’s popular with students (for obvious reasons) so best to arrive a bit early if you want to have lunch here on a weekday. There are fewer people at night and on the weekends so there’s always an available table whenever I come in.


Overall rating: 10/10