The crumbling castle

Thank goodness for plastic molds that make building sandcastles so much easier!

This photo was taken way back in 2008 on the beach of Pangulasian Island. At present, the island is the construction site for the company’s most luxurious and ambitious property to date. Pangulasian Island Resort is set to soft-open this May 2012, with the formal opening in October. Not sure yet if I’ll be transferring once the new resort opens. Let’s see what happens 🙂

It’s more fun in El Nido!

So the Filipinos reading this will (no doubt!) already be aware of It’s more fun in the Philippines, the new campaign by the Department of Tourism to kick-start our tourist arrivals. If the success of the campaign were judged on how viral it went, well. Twitter trending worldwide? Check! Twitter mention by award-winning British author Neil Gaiman? Double check!

But that’s not even the best part. I am in absolute awe of all the fun, funny, and fabulous photos and captions that the campaign sparked. When Filipinos latch on to something, we really go all out. Some of my favorites are over here. For my humble contribution, I decided to highlight the fun stuff that happens where I work: El Nido, Palawan.

Photo and caption by me. Taken in South Miniloc
Photo by the fabulous Rima de Dios, caption by me.

And my favorite part:

Photo and caption by me. Taken at 7 Commandos beach.

Visit El Nido! Yahoooo! 😀

Our lunchtime view

We had our first department meeting for 2012 this morning (huzzah!), followed by lunch at 360 – the rooftop restaurant of Ipil Lodge in El Nido Town. The restaurant boasts that they have the only 360 degree view of El Nido Town but I beg to differ. Because of where their kitchen is located, the actual view is only 270 degrees. Ah well. The important thing is that they have a kick-ass view of Bacuit Bay:
Bacuit Bay

Unfortunately, the awesome view was spoiled by my rumbling stomach. Despite being the only customers there (four people. FOUR!!!), our pasta + fish/pork/chicken dishes took 40 minutes to serve >_<