The Ultimate workout

There’s something to be said about a boss who’s big on making physical fitness fun. In a bid to get us exercising during our off-hours, she introduced us to her favorite sport: Ultimate Frisbee.

There's also something to be said about having a beach right where you work 😛 (photo by Ms. Mitzi)

It is an exhausting game. Gawd. Since there were only 6 of  us, we played 3-on-3 with a much-smaller-than-regulation field drawn on the sand. After our team finally won 5-4 after 39 minutes of play, I was just about ready to collapse. My face was so red, I resembled a lobster. My shirt stuck to my back. Sand was all over my legs and arms. And I was smiling so hard 😀

Ms. Mitzi left us one of her frisbees so that we could continue playing after she left. It’ll be just one of the many imprints she left on the resorts and on us. Game on!