How reducing food waste means saving the world

World Environment Day 2013 is coming up and UNEP is again holding a contest to find the green blogger who will keep the rest of the world updated on the WED festivities in the host country. They started the contest in 2010 but this was the first time I’d heard of it. The challenge was to write an engaging 400-600 word blog post on the impact of food waste on the environment. Of course I joined!

WED Logo_EN_small

You can find my blog entry here on our work website. If you found it interesting and engaging, please share, Like, and tweet it! UNEP and Treehugger are judging the first round and while content matters, popularity matters too. The prize at stake: the chance to live-blog and tweet about the World Environment Day activities happening in Mongolia!

00 harvesting lettuce
Me working hard to harvest the lettuce in our greenhouses